Demon Daze / by timothy brooks

Demon Daze

In the United States we are taking backwards steps in race relations due to fear. Half of our country is accepting and wants to be more embracing of diversity and another half wants to retreat to the old superior mentality that has oppressed certain classes of our own citizens. We demonize what we do not understand. In this piece you cannot really see the eyes of the face, but we allow the shadows to solidify opinions about the person and his intentions.
I am caucasian and my wife is african- american which may not mean much in other countries, but in the USA my wife’s parents had to drink from “colored only” fountains, sit on the back of the bus, and were pulled over by white policemen who had the authority to put them in jail just because they were colored. My wife experienced burning crosses in the front lawn. When they met me it was hard to shake off those memories and fears but as we grew to really know each other and understand each other, fear turned into love. 

There are cruel people everywhere but it is not limited to specific race, creeds or genders. We all have inner demons, but most people choose to contain them. Love trumps hate.