The Edge of Enlightenment / by timothy brooks


I am a very opinionated person who is usually confident in what I believe to be true. However, I'm not always right.  Throughout history we as a species have declared truths as experts only to be proven wrong as we grow in our understanding of the world.  Men have been discredited for believing that the world is round or micro organism called germs effect our health.  To me the path to enlightenment is not knowing all things, but rather the willingness to embrace the truth when my beliefs are proven wrong. 

The journey to enlightenment to me is a grand adventure.  I do not want to be insecure if I am mistaken. The this piece I wanted to contrast between light and dark.  There are highlights on the dark building that are just a reflection of the bright city at the end of the street.  I have a strong faith and belief in God because as a species we have been proven wrong in our popular beliefs on many occasions. We only grasp the reflection of something greater.  

No one can prove what is waiting for us after we pass from this earth. Everyone lives by faith in something, even if that is nothing.  Therefore if I'm going to live by faith, I desire to know what is really true.  A life long journey to enlightenment will not be in vain.