From Within - Solo Exhibition
to Oct 13

From Within - Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception Friday Oct 6th | 7-9pm

For the past few years I have been focused on black and white imagery.  Maybe it goes back to my roots as a young photographer developing my own black and white prints but I always like the purity of the composition in monochromatic tones.

“From Within” is a concept I’ve been mulling over during this period.  Ideas are stimulating.  Sometimes visual interpretations express my thoughts stronger than words.  Internal desires fusing with external experiences have formed the man I am today.  External forces cannot always be predicted, but I can choose how to engage the moment.

I want to understand the desires and motivations that come “From Within” me.  The title of each piece gives a glimpse of what the image means to me, but my hope is that the images will draw out ideas or feelings that come “From Within” you.  Feel free to ask me about what I experience when I look at the work or share your thoughts. 

“From Within” the heart the mouth speaks.

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"PROCESS" - Project 308 Gallery
to Feb 28

"PROCESS" - Project 308 Gallery

Whether you are an avid art lover or new to the art scene visiting an exhibition, we are all familiar with the desire to know more about how an artist creates their work. For some, the most important part of their work is the process. For others, the process is a quick and almost unplanned series of actions that lead to a final result.

The exhibition "Process" will shine a light on how an artist gets to a final piece. Whether it be through sketches, research or field work, each artist goes through their own transformation when creating art. This exhibition will show how a group of artists refine, change and develop an idea into their finalized work.

An opening reception for "Process" will take place on Frid...a, Feb. 10th, 6-9pm. The show will be on view for the month of February.

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